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5 Reasons to Hire A Local Roofer in Lafayette Louisiana

Lafayette Louisiana Local Roofing Company
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Your #roof is just as important a component of your house as the walls and foundation. Roofs perform many critical functions including protecting your home and ensuring energy efficiency. Many homeowners don't think about their roof until it's too late. Often, a water stain or a drip coming from a ceiling brings the importance of a roof to the homeowner's attention. That's when you call a roofing company. But who do you call?

The roofing company you choose should have many qualifications. One of those should be that the company is #local to the area you live in. Here are 5 of the top reasons you should hire a local roofing company!

1. Supporting the Community You Live In.

When you hire a local roofing company, you are hiring a company that employs local residents, purchases material from local suppliers and supports the community you live in. They sponsor your kids sports teams. They shop at your businesses. In other words, the money stays here!

2. Stay up to Code

When replacing your roof, it is necessary to hire a local roofing contractor who is knowledgable and current on city and #parish #codes. Local codes are created for the safety of the public. A local roofer should know what is required by local municipalities to keep your family and property safe.

3. Timely Response in an Emergency

Every one knows about the weather in #South #Louisiana. Storms can roll in fast and furious, and with those storms comes roof damage. Weather it be wind, hail or other catastrophes, your local roofing contractor can respond in a timely manner. Time is of the essence when it comes to protecting your property from further #damage.

4. Local Relationships

A local roofing contractor has developed relationships in the area. These relationships make it possible for the roofing contractor to provide the best priced quality materials. They also allow your contractor knowledge of local insurance companies and adjusters, making the processes of an #insurance claim go smoothly.

5. Honoring Your Warranty

Hiring an out of town "storm chaser" roofing company has many risks. Some of those risks are fraudulent licensing, lack of insurance, and no intentions of honoring warranties. By hiring a local roofing contractor in #Acadiana, you will ensure that your roofing company is properly #licensed, #insured, and will be around in case you have an issue with the roof in the future and need your #warranty honored.

Vermilion Roofing and Construction, LLC

We are a local roofing company, from Lafayette, Louisiana. We service all of Central and South Louisiana, including Lafayette, Lake Charles, Baton Rouge, Alexandria and Morgan City. We are members of the community and take pride in our region.

We work hard and play hard, just like our #cajun reputation. We are knowledgable in local codes and ordinances and stay up to date with training and continuing education.

We are here if you need us, any time of day or night. Just give us a call or text at (337) 873-1960. We provide the highest quality roofing materials, and buy products made in the #USA as much as possible. We have relationships with insurance companies and adjusters which allows us to represent you in the case of an insurance claim, as efficiently and cost effective as possible. We are fully licensed and insured, and can provide you with those documents.

We offer one of the top warranties in the area and promise to respond to your needs every time you call!

We would love to visit with you to learn more about how we can help you. Our roof #inspections are always #free. Call us for a visit! We will even bring the coffee.

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